FotoFocus 2016

The Envisioned Collection by PJ Sturdevant allows for deep interpretive freedom through the capture of undocumented images many times removed from their original state. Through the creative process and technical steps the artist paints unique, never-before-seen images from familiar landscapes and objects. Enhanced and manipulated, including the removal of such time sensitive objects like street signs, each piece is gifted with timeless surreality. This, along with the images strong tonal contrasts between white and black stir heavy emotions, highlighting and subtracting from specific elements, and ultimately giving the viewer complete freedom to simmer, contemplate and reflect on their own reactions and emotions to the piece.

Utilizing the Bromoil process each of these prints was handcrafted on FOMABROM double weight silver bromide fiber base paper using black lithographic ink.

Presented at the A.B. Cohen Art Gallery on the Xavier University campus August 26th – October 28th, 2016 as part of Cincinnati FotoFocus 2016.