FotoFocus 2022

October 1, 2022–December 10, 2022 Xavier University Gallagher Student Center

As part of FotoFocus 2022 my exhibit,“ A Record Of Disuse”, is a collection of photographic prints featuring objects that were once functional. Now worn, discarded, or repurposed, or even unrecognizable, the viewer may imagine what the original function could have been. The monochromatic bromoil process has been used to record, intensify and add interest to what remains.

Of the 20 plus prints in this exhibit all were collected as I explored neighborhoods around Cincinnati. Discarded items found in Hyde Park, Mt Lookout, Over The Rhine, Camp Washington, and Columbia Tusculum are included.

As an example, Thermostat, the outdated wall mounted thermostat, cover removed, internal mechanisms frozen in layers of white paint, reveals elements of design that remain providing aesthetic value. In Columbia Tusculum Plates, the use of automotive license plates from years past provides a decorative element and historic record to a neighborhood fence. Sawblade, photographed in situ, challenges the viewer to contemplate how it came to be cast off and for what purpose it was being used.

Bromoil prints from the exhibition:

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